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Cite It for Me – MS Word Shortcuts

Even though Google Docs is good, but nothing can parallel the standards of Microsoft Word! When it comes to placing words for digital space, all the writers use Microsoft Words to compile their articles, blogs, research papers, books and so on. But do you know how to effective use this decades old program? The fact […]

Thesis Proposal Writing

The foremost purpose of a thesis proposal it to influence the thesis coordinator, or supervisor that the thesis you are preparing meets the criteria set, and is a relevant study. A good thesis proposal is which should not represent the common and unclear notion that the matter you selected will always be suitable for master’s […]

The Importance of Thesis Editing Service Providers

Professional thesis editing services provider, guaranteed to have your work edited by professional academic editor with over years of experience. They also have knowledge of publishing and writing grant papers and journal articles. They can easily solve your problems related to time etc. in effective manner. They can edit anything related to dissertation and thesis. […]

Need for editing a thesis before its completion

Doing research is a mammoth task as it involves diligence, knowledge, and proficiency in not only the subject but also the language in which the thesis has to be written. Other than research in different language like Hindi, Urdu, Bengali etc., all other research papers are written in English in different field of study like […]

Different types of editing services

Most of the students are not aware of different types of editing services. The writing standards of students may not meet with the requirements and standards of editors. In such cases, students can opt for copy editing services provided by various writing and editing companies. Before choosing any copy editing service, it is important to […]

Importance of substantive editing

Copyediting and proofreading are essential for the editing of your work but if you want to publish your research paper in an international journal of repute then you also need to do substantive editing of your document. Substantive editing is more than the copy-editing and proofreading. Both these types of editing work on the grammar […]

Why must editing be a collaborative process?

There are many editors who work like lone rangers. But when it comes to academic editing, it is necessary that the editing be done in a collaboration with students. There are many reasons that make such interaction a necessity. The first is that when the editors go through any academic document, they may find many […]