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Thesis Proofreading Service in UK

We offer PhD thesis proofreading services in UK that can guarantee an error-free thesis and scholarly tone of writing. Getting a thesis or dissertation proofread before submission is usually recommended by the supervisors/committees of various universities, as it increases the chances of acceptance of your thesis or manuscript.

Our PhD thesis proofreading service is beneficial for native writers or those with a strong command on the language. However, we still take care of every basic linguistic and formatting mistake that can happen due to ignorance. Our PhD Thesis proofreaders in UK aim at making your thesis well readable and presentable so even a single error may not be able to disturb the flow of reading. We want that you only submit high-quality work that can impress and add value to your hard work. Under proofreading, we do not go into the depths of content modification or rephrase anything. For non-native writers, we recommend editing service and for ESL candidates, we offer substantive editing service.

Understand the Role of PhD Thesis Proofreaders:

  • Grammar : Our PhD Thesis Proofreading Services in the UK will rectify any grammatical flaws, such as fragmented sentences, verb and tense errors, or issues with number agreement, ensuring the text is corrected to perfection.
  • Citations : We ensure that citations are done as per the correct style and are consistent throughout the research report.
  • Presentation : Our PhD thesis proofreaders meticulously analyze various factors, including margins, font style and size, and the placement of headings, all of which significantly impact the presentation of your thesis.
  • Formatting : The format and layout are assessed thoroughly. We ensure that there is smooth logical flow between chapters and sub sections.
  • Spellings and punctuations : Even if there is a single spelling or punctuation mistake, it can adversely impact your grades. Hence, it is best to get the document proofread before you submit it.

You can opt to place an order for our PhD thesis proofreading services in the UK on the ‘Place Order’ page and to know more about our English proofreaders, services and its coverage - reach out to us by emailing us at info@ithesisedit.co.uk.

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Clients' Review

Passing a master's course from a UK university is challenging. The editors helped me a lot by overseeing and polishing all my work for the dissertation and assignments. Thanks to them, I was able to score A+ grade. -Max Smith

Substantive editing package costs a bit on the higher side, but it is worth the money spent. Every aspect of the document is checked twice to ensure that there is no error. -Matthew Jones

I was apprehensive when sending my research paper for editing, as I did not want my ideas to get copied. I recommend this service to those who have to get sensitive matter edited. -Jake Write

Proofreading my thesis was something that I was avoiding and the date for submission was nearing. I must say they did a good job. Though it was a bit hurried, there were no flaws left unchecked and the examiners were happy with the results. -Ben Baker

I did not want the proposal for my thesis to have any flaws that could prevent it from getting approved. Hence, I went for complete copy editing service. I'm glad that the proposal was edited by a professional team. It helped me get the work approved in the first attempt. -Julian Clark

Editors with in depth subject matter knowledge worked on my thesis and edited it according to the Harvard style, as required by my university. The format and presentation were also polished. I'm satisfied with the service. -Conner White

Since I was not acquainted with the UK style of writing, creating a dissertation that passed the benchmark was tough. I informed that I am ESL student; so the chapters were double checked to make sure that there were no errors in grammar, format and vocabulary. -Krish Patel