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Substantive Editing Services for PhD Thesis

The Substantive Editing services in the UK offered by our expert editors at iThesisEdit do not just intend to help the ESL authors but also to all other researchers who seek accuracy and academically correct written PhD thesis.. This accomplishment is made possible for even the first time authors by the service of substantive editing offered atwww.ithesisedit.co.uk

The focus in ESL editing service is beyond just basic language editing. It looks into improvising the research writing with a holistic perspective. The team of substantive editors tries to enhance the language components along with content enrichment, structure and the overall presentation of the content in the thesis. The ESL editing services in the UK that are offered at iThesisEdit are designed to correct and enrich different aspects of the thesis and remove redundancy and ensure zero grammar errors.. It brings up the quality standards of the PhD thesis.

The reasons why you should choose a substantive editor for substantive editing are:

1) Complete Content edit

This is the first part of substantive editing, wherein the content is reviewed for factual validity and reliability by subject matter experts. If there are some mistakes in the text, or if the data analysis does not seem clear, our Heavy Substantive Editing Service in the UK ensures corrections for these made by our expert editors.

2) Additional References

In case our editors feel the need to add more references to support the text, they will suggest the same and also tell where the reference must be added.

3) Language Assessment

Our ESL editing service in the UK has an expert team of editors who will assess the vocabulary to ensure that it is not casual and matches the standards expected from a scholar. They will change the words or suggest modifications, as required.

4) Presentation check

Our Substantive Editing Service goes beyond the regular grammar and spelling check to ensure that even the presentation factors are perfect. Our editors willreview the format, margins, structure of chapters, titles and list of references.. All graphical representations and illustrations are also appraised to enhance their effectiveness.

Our substantive editing & heavy editing services are a complete package that touches every aspect of your manuscript or thesis in order to enhance its readability and compliance with various academic writing and formatting styles including Harvard, APA, Chicago, MLA and others. If you have been a ESL writer, opt for this heavy editing service for PhD thesis to get comprehensive review and language enhancements. As soon as you are ready with your draft, get in touch with us at info@ithesisedit.co.uk..

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Clients' Review

Passing a master's course from a UK university is challenging. The editors helped me a lot by overseeing and polishing all my work for the dissertation and assignments. Thanks to them, I was able to score A+ grade. -Max Smith

Substantive editing package costs a bit on the higher side, but it is worth the money spent. Every aspect of the document is checked twice to ensure that there is no error. -Matthew Jones

I was apprehensive when sending my research paper for editing, as I did not want my ideas to get copied. I recommend this service to those who have to get sensitive matter edited. -Jake Write

Proofreading my thesis was something that I was avoiding and the date for submission was nearing. I must say they did a good job. Though it was a bit hurried, there were no flaws left unchecked and the examiners were happy with the results. -Ben Baker

I did not want the proposal for my thesis to have any flaws that could prevent it from getting approved. Hence, I went for complete copy editing service. I'm glad that the proposal was edited by a professional team. It helped me get the work approved in the first attempt. -Julian Clark

Editors with in depth subject matter knowledge worked on my thesis and edited it according to the Harvard style, as required by my university. The format and presentation were also polished. I'm satisfied with the service. -Conner White

Since I was not acquainted with the UK style of writing, creating a dissertation that passed the benchmark was tough. I informed that I am ESL student; so the chapters were double checked to make sure that there were no errors in grammar, format and vocabulary. -Krish Patel