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How Proofreading Can Change the Fate of Thesis

Years of toil, planning, research, discussions and writing are invested by a PhD student in his thesis to earn a doctoral degree; yet, he or she may risk failure if the department or university guidelines are not followed or the thesis is cluttered with grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Every detail presented by the student […]

How to Select a Proofreading Service

Proofreading your dissertation before submission quintessential for justifying the hard work you have put into creating your dissertation. You can proofread yourself or ask a friend or professor or hire a professional proofreading service. There are many proofreading services available online which charge a small fee for the service. They are fast and efficient in […]

Why is proofreading required after editing?

Many students consider editing as the final step of revising and assessing any academic document. While substantive editing is comprehensive and covers quite a lot of aspects while checking the documents, it is not the ultimate check. Proofreading is the next step, which can be thought of as the culmination of revision for an academic […]