How to Select a Proofreading Service

Proofreading your dissertation before submission quintessential for justifying the hard work you have put into creating your dissertation. You can proofread yourself or ask a friend or professor or hire a professional proofreading service. There are many proofreading services available online which charge a small fee for the service. They are fast and efficient in their service provided, you select the genuine proofreader. Here are the criteria on which you should evaluate the proofreader before assigning the work.

Grammatical proficiency

When you assign the task of proofreading to a professional proofreading agency uk you expect an error free document. Check for the proficiency of the person who will be doing the proofreading in rules of grammar, i.e. usage of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions and conjunctions and has a command over the language.

Proficiency in formatting

The professional service provider should be able to work in the different formats and well aware of the features of Microsoft word or similar software for producing the final report

Subject expert

The proofreader should be aware of the terminology, jargons, referencing being used in the dissertation. With the knowledge of the subject, proper justice cannot be done with the job.

Efficiency of the proofreader

Scan the efficiency of the proofreader to complete the task accurately and in the given time frame. Proofreaders work as per the guidelines provided, thus as a student, you need to give them a structured guideline which will set the rules of style, outline, referencing etc for the final copy.

Charges for the service

Before availing any service it is important to know how much you need to pay for it. Proofreader may charge on the basis of word count in the document or hours required to finish the assignment or it may depend on the project. Check the pricing to decide whether the service is worth the price.

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