Need for editing a thesis before its completion

Doing research is a mammoth task as it involves diligence, knowledge, and proficiency in not only the subject but also the language in which the thesis has to be written. Other than research in different language like Hindi, Urdu, Bengali etc., all other research papers are written in English in different field of study like Science, Arts, and Management etc. This shows that having command over the language is extremely important. Herein, it becomes necessary to edit a thesis as per requirement of the student.

Editing is an impeccable part of thesis writing because it enhances the quality of the thesis by removing casual as well as crucial mistakes. For this reason, it is indeed necessary to edit a thesis for the enhancement of its quality. However, different students have different requirement of editing. Therefore, on the basis of their requirement, mainly three types of editing services are provided which includes proofreading, copy editing and substantive editing. In proofreading, an editor looks into the correction of grammar, punctuation, format of thesis, and lastly style and consistency. In copy editing, the task of an editor becomes crucial as he or she has to enhance the construction of sentences, vocabulary augmentation, along with checking grammar, punctuation and consistency in the work. The most extensive editing service is substantive editing which involves editing of the whole content of the thesis or research work with emphasis on language along with adding new references if required. All these editing services have been designed keeping in mind the requirement of the student. This is because editing improves readability of the text. Moreover, while editing an editor needs to keep in mind that he or she maintains the consistency of the content provide by the writer yet enhance its readability. is an organization involved in editing and also provides all the above mentioned services as per requirement.

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