Thesis in MLA Style

There are specific guidelines provided by the MLA or Modern Language Association of America for formatting the paper. As per the guidelines, the paper should have double spacing throughout. If the text is already there, highlight the same and make the necessary changes using the ‘Line Spacing’ option. The writer is required to use the Times New Roman font while using the MLA style with a 12-point font size.

The topic sentences form the main part of the body of the paper. In fact, it helps in connecting the paragraph with the thesis and takes forward the discussion. While writing a research paper in MLA style, pronouns including I, we, us, etc. should be strictly avoided. It is also best not to use “you” which is the second person. In fact, the best option is to use the third person like it, he, she, etc.

Citations are another important aspect used in research papers. It permits the author to use another person’s work or words without plagiarizing it. Plagiarism is considered as a serious offence where the original author is denied the credit for his work which is used in another piece of work. The MLA offers guidelines for citing from a variety of sources.

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