Importance of substantive editing

Copyediting and proofreading are essential for the editing of your work but if you want to publish your research paper in an international journal of repute then you also need to do substantive editing of your document. Substantive editing is more than the copy-editing and proofreading. Both these types of editing work on the grammar […]

Unveiling the role of MLA Editors

Dissertations are important aspects in the life of students. They form the basis of success in the final prospects of graduation for the students. This makes it imperative that the thesis prepared is perfect without any glitches and errors. This is where the role of editors is felt desperately. Especially, when we consider MLA writing […]

Why is proofreading required after editing?

Many students consider editing as the final step of revising and assessing any academic document. While substantive editing is comprehensive and covers quite a lot of aspects while checking the documents, it is not the ultimate check. Proofreading is the next step, which can be thought of as the culmination of revision for an academic […]

Why must editing be a collaborative process?

There are many editors who work like lone rangers. But when it comes to academic editing, it is necessary that the editing be done in a collaboration with students. There are many reasons that make such interaction a necessity. The first is that when the editors go through any academic document, they may find many […]