Editing guidelines for medical research papers

Every research paper is unique and has to be edited with a fresh perspective. Since the language and structure are unique, data set is new and results are exclusive, no two research documents can be said to be similar. Still, there are some guidelines which are common for the research document belonging to a specific domain. When it comes to medical research papers, editors must follow certain basic rules to ensure that the work is flawless.

The first requirement is the absence of bias in the research. In a medical research, there are high chances of having a bias, as researchers may give their own opinion. Similarly, if the researcher is close to patients who form the case study, then also there are chances of having an opinionated study and biased results. The editors must interact with writers and make sure that all the theories mentioned are unbiased.

Another aspect is the language in the research paper. Since these papers will be published in medical journals and read mostly be people who are medical professionals or scholars, the language must be suitable for them. There will be ample medical terminology and jargons. The editor must not remove these terms, unless and until they are absolutely unnecessary. However, he must check whether appropriate definitions and descriptions are given for all the terms used. This is usually given in the Glossary section.

Images and graphical representations are also a significant part of the medical research papers. Since illustrations are a great way to explain the text and break the monotony, an editor must ensure that ample illustrations are there. Not just that, he must also assess them to ensure that all diagrams and other images are flawless.

Finally, the procedures that are mentioned for experiments and data which is analyzed must be examined and confirmed by the writer.  Wherever there is a doubt about the authenticity of these processes or data, the editor must write a comment and ask the writer to make required corrections.

At ithesisedit.com, editors follow all these guidelines while working on medical research papers and dissertations. This makes the team highly efficient.

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