How to Target a Proper Journal

Publication of research based studies in internationally reputed academic and practitioners’ journals is a dream of each and every budding researcher across every academic domain, across the world. In order to achieve this dream, they strive to put forward extreme effort in writing their research papers, and target superior quality journals. Eventually, at the very beginning stage most of them fail to publish in those journals. There are some strategic moves need to be made for selecting those journals, apart from putting forth quality in their works.

In order to select a particular journal, one researcher has to think of several aspects, which will in turn bring forth the proper journal before him / her as a possible publication destination. The steps to be followed are very simple, and they need to be carried out in a sequential manner, as per the following:

  • The researcher has to understand clearly the quality of the research work, in comparison with the quality of work in the existing body of literature. Sometimes this may prove out to be critical for a person to evaluate own piece of work, and therefore, taking help of senior researchers and colleagues can solve this purpose. Once that is clear, the researcher can decide upon the quality of journals to be targeted.
  • The researcher has to understand the scope of the work very clearly, as this will decide upon the journal to be targeted. Based on the academic domain and scope, search of the journals turns out to be narrower.
  • Once based on the above two criteria some journals are located, it is needed to look through its contents, and by judging the type of works, the researcher can finally decide upon the journal to be focused.

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