How Much Does It Cost to Edit Master’s Thesis in Uk?

Many master’s degree students in the United Kingdom search for the keywords “How much does it cost to edit master’s thesis in the UK?” You might want to sit down, relax, and reflect on it because the answer you might get is “a little more than you think.” Before you can reject the idea of getting someone to edit your thesis, remember that it involves a lot of efforts in editing and correcting it.

Consider all your Expenses

If you think that the cost of getting a thesis edited is way too much, think again. Think of the amount of money you have spent on tuition fees, course extension fees, etc. Also, think of the amount of efforts and time you have put in along with the amount of frustration you have had to face while writing your dissertation. Moreover, since the dissertation is a huge book comprising at least 400 pages, you would need to go through it entirely and an even longer time to edit it. It involves more than a week of work to even peruse your thesis. So, here is a short answer: it would cost you between 1,180 pounds and 2,364 pounds for getting a PhD thesis edited, whereas getting a master’s thesis edited would cost you somewhere between 496 pounds and 1,180 pounds. To edit a book length work of about 10,000 words would cost you something like 400 pounds. A PhD thesis edit would cost you 2,364 pounds and a a master’s thesis of about 30,000 words would come to 1,180 pounds.

A Significant Investment

If you are from a non-English speaking background, you would most certainly need the help of a thesis editor. Without thinking of this as a waste of money, you should consider this as a worthwhile investment. Some universities themselves recommend that some of the students get their theses professionally edited due to their inability to express themselves fully even though they have fantastic ideas. A full edit would generally mean not only the correction of grammar and poorly worded sentences but also factual errors along with a commentary on the research methodology. However, the good news is that most of the research works would not need this level of work done. If you are not a confident writer, the need to edit your work fully can be a big blow to you. So, you should consider approaching a professional editor. Otherwise, you will need to redraft it on your own and with a lot of efforts from your side and extensions of several terms; you would become a better writer. As a result, many universities themselves recommend that you get your thesis professionally proofread and edited. It would cost you about 200 pounds for every 10,000 words. A 60,000 word thesis would cost you about 1,183 pounds.

A Simple Procedure

The only procedures that the editors would carry out would be the examination of your reference list and citations along with checking the requirements of your department, and also polishing your work for extra typographical errors. Editors have found that till now, they have had to mostly work on the formatting of the theses. Moreover, with difficulties that one has to face while using Microsoft Word, especially with documents that have greater than 30,000 words, one would need to get them edited professionally. For most students, this would mean a complete makeover to the way their thesis appears. This will make it more readable and attractive. Be careful not to go for low cost editing just because you have a tight budget. It may cost you even more in terms of quality and you would need to end up having your terms extended too. Moreover, there will be some errors remaining and you would not get value for your money either. So, it would be best to go for a professional editor who charges you reasonably and yet does a good work. You would never need to pay a second time for the work either. Make sure that your entire thesis is contained in one single document rather than in many different documents. Make use of heading styles to mark section titles and chapters. Make sure you tell the editor upfront as to what style of English your university wants you to use (For e.g. US, UK, Australian, Canadian, etc.). Also, make sure you give the editor the link to your departmental guidelines or at least send the person a soft copy of the same so that he or she can access it and edit your research work accordingly. If you have any trouble editing the document yourself, you can always ask your department to recommend you an editor but try not to edit it on your own. Otherwise, it can lead to a lot of problems. Remember that the cost of hiring an editor is not as much as compared to what you would have to pay your university if you need to extend an entire term. Make sure you go for the thesis editing services of a reliable company such as to avoid all the hassles involved in getting your thesis edited.

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