Why are Thesis Editing Services Imperative?

Well done! You have completed your thesis, the most backbreaking task. You will be over the moon with your finished thesis and excited to show it to your supervisor and research committee. But hold on, don’t throw caution to the wind. Though you have written your thesis, there’s still one task left, editing. Editing is […]

How to Beat PhD Loneliness and Stress

PhD is not only an academia challenge, but it also affects your social life. Spending years in conducting research, finding a topic, and then writing a thesis isolate you. You would feel that you’ve lost in the academic world. You are no longer the part of social interactions. During PhD you would have nobody to […]

How to Find Exhilaration in Writing a Thesis?

“How to write a thesis? I’m wondering whether or not I’ll be able to complete it. How long will I take to finish it? Will I get bored of writing thousands of words?” All these questions would pop up in your head when it comes to thesis writing.  Thesis  writing is usually considered a dreadful […]

Developmental Editing for your Academic Paper

Developmental editing is usually performed before any scientific paper or manual is ready for publishing in any scientific journal. This is most common, although developmental editing can be performed from the initial stages to guide the author in developing the structure of the academic manual and its flow. An extreme form of developmental editing is […]

Cite It for Me – MS Word Shortcuts

Even though Google Docs is good, but nothing can parallel the standards of Microsoft Word! When it comes to placing words for digital space, all the writers use Microsoft Words to compile their articles, blogs, research papers, books and so on. But do you know how to effective use this decades old program? The fact […]

The Importance of Grammar for Higher Grades

PhD students are generally expected to be proficient in written and spoken English language, as most international universities use English as the medium of communication and for writing research-related academic documents. This is particularly true for students from native English-speaking countries. However, the reality is very different. While most students are good at the spoken […]

How Proofreading Can Change the Fate of Thesis

Years of toil, planning, research, discussions and writing are invested by a PhD student in his thesis to earn a doctoral degree; yet, he or she may risk failure if the department or university guidelines are not followed or the thesis is cluttered with grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Every detail presented by the student […]